Try it at home: Ocean Inspired Gin Cocktails by Alembics NZ

May 9, 2019


Just when we are starting to really miss long, sunshine filled days, Alembics NZ has captured the languid pace of a summer’s afternoon by the sea and created the ultimate Pacific Ocean Gin, along with two unique cocktail recipes you can make at home.

Ocean Gin – From Sea to Glass

Inspired by the pristine Hauraki Gulf shorelines and the unique botanicals grown by and in the sea, this micro-batch distilled gin is energising and enlivening, and recalls soft sea spray, submersion in cool, green water and soul-nourishing sunlight. The ingredients: iconic New Zealand Paua shell adds a flinty, metallic note to the palette and the nose, local Kelp lends rich iodine, salinity and an umami aspect reminiscent of the subtle taste of salt water on skin. Green lemon provides fresh zing and bright citrus. Floral yet earthy Angelica harmonises and deepens the green, salty notes of kelp with a grounding, sensual florality.

If you’re replicating these cocktails at home, Jill from Alembics NZ suggests Local Island Gin, from Great Barrier or The Botanist would be fantastic. Alembics NZ Ocean Gin will be available as a taster at the Alembics NZ Masterclass at Craft’d. If you love gin, don’t miss your chance to try it.

Ocean Martini

A Martini showcasing ocean flavours to the highest degree. Touched with a bright, ocean grown, Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc dry Vermouth (developed in-house). Bright green pepper, pineapple and passionfruit flavours from the Vermouth complement the salt and iodine notes of the gin perfectly.

  • 60ml Ocean Gin
  • 5ml Dry vermouth (use 15ml if you wish for bigger flavour)


  • Green lemon shrub pearls (or a small piece of lemon peel)
  • 2-inch long piece samphire

Sea & T

A refreshing twist on the iconic gin and tonic. Mix with Ocean Gin, fresh ruby red grapefruit, celery bitters, honey syrup and a touch of green chartreuse. Warm soft citrus and subtle anise makes this the perfect accompaniment to an ocean-sourced meal.

  • 60ml Ocean Gin
  • 60ml East Imperial Ruby Red Grapefruit Pompelmo tonic
  • Dash celery bitters
  • Rinse hi-ball with Green Chartreuse


  • 3-inch piece smoked Rosemary (Rosmarinus young)
  • Thread 4 blueberries through a cucumber ribbon using the rosemary as a skewer
  • Build drink on lots of ice, add grapefruit bitters for a larger citrus note.

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