Masterclasses 2019

Glass Appreciation with Yvonne Lorkin

Everyone appreciates a good glass of wine, but the art of wine tasting is not an easy task.  The role of the wine glass is tremendously important as it is the vehicle that enhances the characteristics of the wine.

  • 12:30 – 1:20
  • $20

Demystifying Wine for Newbies with The Imbibe Tribe

Emerging young winemaker Renée Dale brings the wine-swilling neophytes together for a gorgeous and playful master class on how to get your pinky up! It will be a hands-on, interactive class geared towards the wine novice. Peel back the layers on what wine actually IS, blend a wine, learn how to talk about it; how to taste it; discover wine & food matching essentials …along with a little rule-breaking too.

  • 1.30 – 2.20
  • $29

Gin, laid bare with Jill Mulvaney, AlembicsNZ

Join Jill Mulvaney, from Alembics NZ, as she deconstructs the aromatic botanicals that make gin magical. Taste, touch, and smell individual micro-distilled botanical essences, and blend your own artisan, one-off gin in a handcrafted European copper still.

  • 2.45-3.45
  • $29

International Fizz with Yvonne Lorkin

Keen to know your Champagne from your Charmat? Your Cava from your Cremant? Your Frizzante from your Franciacorta? Then we’ve got the class for you! Wine writer Yvonne Lorkin (dish magazine, NZ Herald, will pop the cork on a smorgasbord of sparkling styles that’ll definitely soothe the throat and clear the nose. We’ll look at the different processes and grapes used around the world to make our favourite fizz.

  • 4.15-5.05
  • $29

Why Single Vineyards? What’s all the fuss?
with Blair Walter, Felton Road

“In our pursuit to make great wine, we have always questioned what is better wine. To us it’s about honesty and accuracy. Allowing the wine to better express its place: that to us is a better wine.”

Join winemaker Blair Walter from Felton Road in Central Otago as he showcases three pairs of wines (two pairs from Felton Road and one pair from Burgundy) and discusses the notion and importance of site expressive wines.

  • 5.30-6.30
  • $29