Burnt Hill Vodka

We Distilled A Volcano!

Our story is as much one of the land as it is about one of New Zealand’s most exciting new vodkas. Catching up over a brew in sunny Auckland, we chimed on the idea to create a small run of a top shelf, uniquely New Zealand spirit. Searching high and low for our ‘vodka voice’, we found beauty in the most unlikely of places. The red, ravaged, and rocky hills of the South Island. In volcanic basalt, to be exact.

Fast forward. We begin our process with pure artesian spring water, filtered over hundreds of years through volcanic basalt. We add crisp, fresh sugar cane, distilling it a total of eight times to create a vodka that’s deliciously smooth with just a hint of natural sweetness.

We love sweetness, and we also love greatness. Ours is a quest for greatness. Great vodka. A great story, set against the backdrop of NZ’s famously innovative heritage. And a great big bloody volcano! The result? A spirit we hope you’ll love as much as we’ve enjoyed creating.

Our vegan friendly vodka is a gift from Mother Nature, so we’re giving back by using only biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and every bottle you buy plants a new tree. So join us as we raise a glass to Mother Nature and the mighty volcano.