Broken Heart Spirits

Romance comes in many forms, though we as people are primarily occupied with the big headline moments – typically those which involve sex, marriage and babies. The romance of friendship is far less discussed, though it is the crutch upon which we hobble when life becomes too grave and the source of those wild stabs of laughter that permeate each and every day. Broken Heart Gin is a tribute to friendship – to the powerful impact a friend can have on ones life and to the gaping hole that is left behind when they depart.

Broken Heart Gin’s story begins with Joerg Henkenhaf (a pilot) and Bernd Schnabel (an engineer), two German’s living in New Zealand who formed a friendship around a love of distilling.  Both master distillers, the two men had very similar ideas on what a gin should taste like and spent three years crafting away on the recipe for what they considered to be a perfect gin. Sadly, in 2012, Bernd became ill with a particularly ruthless strain of cancer and passed away, leaving Joerg bereft.

A few months later, Joerg decided to share the gin they’d made with the world, holding it aloft as a symbol of the importance of friendship. Our bottles represent friendship, the half heart at the back of the bottle represents Bernd, who lives on within each bottle crafted. The half heart on the front of the bottle represents the Joerg & the Broken Heart team championing the gin and spreading our message to the word. Our message is simple and universal: Cherish every small moment like a coffee with a loved one or a cocktail at sunset, because you never know when you will loose someone you love.

Fresh off the plane from Junipalooza London, we look forward to sharing our story and our spirits with everyone at Craft’d. We will be showing our family of rhubarb, quince and Barrel aged gins including our beloved spiced rum.