Ant McKenzie Toño


Ant Mackenzie has had an illustrious career to date, from his first New Zealand position as the founding winemaker at Framingham, followed by 7 years at Spy Valley, then a brief stint as group winemaker for Mud House, before moving to Te Awa in his home of Hawke’s Bay. Ant is now a consultant, his largest client being the Villa Maria group, arguably the most cultish being Dry River, and various other producers, possibly less-known, but with considerable potential.


The label is for Spanish-themed wines, made from Spanish varieties, grown in the Mediterranean-like climate of Hawke’s Bay. The wines are a modern take of Spanish wines from a growing region that has more than its share of Spanish heritage and culture. Many of Hastings’ buildings are in the Spanish Mission style of architecture. Ant pointed out the many human connections, ‘Tono’ being the Spanish nickname for Antonio, or Anthony to English speakers. Ant’s first two vintages were in Spain and his first New Zealand vintage was at Vidal, which was established by Anthony Joseph Vidal, originally from Spain.

We will be sharing the Toño Tempranillo, Mas en Menos, Rosado and Albarino at Craft’d.