The Craft’d Team, from left to right, Front: Mickey, Sue & Megan. Back: Je T’aime & Shirl

Meet the Craft’d Team

Hey there… Welcome to Craft’d.

Our team combines many years of experience, hearts-full of passion and a dash of ‘girl power’ to bring you Craft’d Events – a showcase of some of New Zealand’s top-notch independent breweries, wineries and distilleries. We’re thrilled to do our bit to grow local businesses as we introduce people to unique flavours through engaging experiences that blend inspiration and education.

Sue Duncan

Sue Duncan – Craft’d Owner and CEO

Sue thrives on creating exciting events and experiences. Thanks to her boundless energy, she founded Soirée Events, where she ran leading events for over two decades, while raising three children and acquiring a few international event awards along the way.

In 2017, Sue purchased The Boutique Wine Festival and has now rebranded it to Craft’d Events Ltd, which will showcase independent distilleries, breweries and wineries. She says, “Craft’d is an experiential marketing platform designed to help grow the fortunes of NZ independent wineries, distilleries and breweries.”

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Megan – Event Producer

Megan has worked with Sue in the events industry for 12 years including six years managing Soirée’s largest client, while bringing up a young family. Not surprisingly, she thrives in a high-pressure environment and loves to work on large-scale experiences that require quick thinking and artful juggling of many moving parts. When she’s not working, she is taking care of three gorgeous little kids with the help of her awesome husband and enjoys feeling the sand between her toes on Red Beach. She loves the philosophy behind Craft’d: ‘supporting the ‘little guys’’ and considers herself a talented wine drinker and an enthusiastic beginner wine connoisseur that is enjoying learning about the technical side of wine.

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Mickey Atkins – Event Co-ordinator

Mickey has spent the last few years finishing her degree in event management/ business management and is now doing a fantastic job as Event Co-ordinator at Craft’d Global. She is thrilled to soak up all the wisdom from the event experts, while taking on new and exciting tasks involving holding continuous lines of communication across all aspects of the festival. Along with her studies, her five year experience in hospitality and customer service have prepared her well for the high pressure excitement and demand of events. She is an eager learner who adores organisation and logistics, so she fits right into the Craft’d team. Her drive to experience the new and exciting world of wine, makes up for the fact that she’s been a peppermint tea drinker till now.

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Shirl Dickson – Maths Pursuivant A.K.A Accounts

Shirl is Craft’d Events Number Whizz. She has worked in the music business in London and upon returning to New Zealand worked in the entertainment business doing ‘back of house maths stuff’. After hours, she is kept busy with a menagerie that is dominated by an errant dog and spends her weekends attempting to teach an old dog new tricks, or rather to quit its indiscrete sniffing of visitors! Her favourite tipple is Pinot Noir, which she may indulge in before, during and after dealing with the family dog.

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